Architecture in Cyprus – Top Architectural Offices & Services

Architecture is more than just the designing of a building. Architecture is an art form. It’s all about making something that has its own character and personality, something that manages to blend in with its surroundings but also stands out at the same time. Architecture is all about elevating a building from something with four walls and a roof, to something that has a soul and a life of its own. An architect will approach each project holistically, which is what makes him an artist and not just a designer focusing on building just functional and solid structures.

Because of what was mentioned above, architects tend to be kind of competitive. If someone designs and builds a distinct and unique building, they essentially set the bar for both themselves and their colleagues and they will have to try and clear it with their next projects. Architects love nothing more than trying to clear a bar set high, which is why some areas become hotbeds of innovative and beautiful architecture. One such area is Cyprus.

Cyprus is a country that is at the crossroads or Europe, Asia and Africa and because of that it is home to many international corporations and other business entities. Construction activity runs rampant in Cyprus, even during the years of the country’s financial crisis. Some of the best architects in Europe are working there, which is why anyone interested in building a residence or a corporate building within Cyprus will always consider local architectural firms and professionals first. It should also be noted that Cypriot architects have also worked on many projects outside of Cyprus and won numerous awards for their work.

If you are thinking of hiring a Cypriot architecture firm or an architect for your project – regardless of whether it will be within the country’s borders or in another country – , here’s how to make sure that you will find the top architectural offices and services.

The architecture association seal of approval

It goes without saying that it is hard for someone to pretend to be an architect, this doesn’t mean that all architects are equally skilled and that their work is more or less the same. A good architect in Cyprus will try his best to become a member of the Cyprus architect association. Admission to this prestigious institution requires hard work or proof of one’s skill, which means that you can rest assured that its members have been vetted by their peers and are therefore not just good at their job, but among the best in their field. Their colleagues are actually vouching for them and that’s the best recommendation you can get.

Check out local publications

Another good way of finding out the top firms and professionals when it comes to architects in Cyprus is checking out the local architecture journals. Most of them can be found online relatively easily and since they are written and edited by other architects and experts, they can be considered a very reliable source of information on the architectural scene of the country. There is no higher honor for an architect than having his or her colleagues write good reviews about their work.

Get in touch with professionals and firms

Once you have established an image of the scene in Cyprus, you will have to get in contact with the names that got your attention. You should preferably be looking for architects working in the city or area you are interested in realizing your project at. If for example you would like to build a residence in Nicosia, you should look for architects in Nicosia and get in contact with the ones that are members of the architect association and / or mentioned in the local architecture journals that you studied. Getting into contact with firms and professionals is the only way to judge whether they are suitable to your project.

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